First Families

First Families of Lake County, Ohio is the lineage society of the Lake County Genealogical Society. It was created to identify and honor the memory of the early pioneers who settled within the boundaries of present Lake County prior to 1841. These men and women left a lasting imprint on the land they carved from the wilderness. This lineage society also confers recognition and honor on the descendants who choose to establish their connections to these early pioneers.


Membership is open to anyone who can prove direct descent from one or more ancestors who settled within the boundaries of present Lake County prior to 1841 and who fulfills all of the requirements listed below. Eligibility is restricted to blood lines only.


The First Families of Lake County Ohio Application Form must be filled out completely and accompanied by copies of all documents containing evidence necessary to

  1. support the ancestor’s settlement in Lake County prior to 1841;
  2. support the direct ancestral relationship for each generation, beginning with the applicant.

The Application Form must be signed by the applicant and by the person who compiled the application for the submitter (if applicable). A five generation chart, either computer generated or filled in by hand,
must be included as part of the application.

You are encouraged, but not required, to submit a written biography of your First Family ancestor(s). This biography will be considered for publication in the LCGS newsletter, LAKElines.

The application fee is $35.00 for non-members and $25.00 for members of the Lake County Genealogical Society. The fee is required when application is submitted.


The application will be examined by the First Families Review Committee which can accept or reject the application. If additional evidence is needed, the applicant will be given three months to produce the requested documentation for acceptance in that year. Once the First Families Committee accepts it, the application will go to the LCGS Board for final approval.

All applications submitted by December 31 of each year will be reviewed for possible acceptance in the next calendar year. If accepted, membership will be conferred by certificate and special pin at an induction ceremony during the regular June meeting of LCGS.

For complete details, download the application packet.

First Families of Lake County Pioneers

Member No.PioneerBornSpouseResidenceDate
1Billington, Elizabeth “Betsy”1799George G. C. RayLeRoy1822
1Ray, Benjamin B.1822Nancy PostLeRoy1822
1Ray, George G. C.1793Elizabeth “Betsy” BillingtonLeRoy1822
2Cookson, Marybef 1785Thomas S. JordanConcord1803
2Jordan, Thomas II1800Lucy Ann LawrenceConcord1803
2Jordan, Thomas S.bef 1750Mary CooksonPainesville1802
3Valentine, John1786Polly ??LeRoy1830
3Valentine, Philo1815Sarah TilleyLeRoy1828
4Ingraham, Joseph Pitts1803Sarah “Sally” SnellPerry1827
4Snell, Calvinca 1776Sarah “Sally” SinclairPerry1826
4Snell, Sarah “Sally”1808Joseph Pitts IngrahamPerry1827
5aAllen, Minerva1817Roswell HayesPainesville1820?
5aFord, Pauline1791Ebenezer hayesPainesville1834
5aHayes, Ebenezer1765Pauline FordPainesville1820
5aHayes, Roswell1816Minerva AllenPainesville1820
5bBliss, Sybil #1788Asa WilcoxPerry1840?
5bWilcox, Asa1787Sybil BlissPerry1840
5bWilcox, Orlando Bliss 1812Lydia AllenPerry?
5cDuncan, Sarahbef 1770David LaphamMentor1818
5cJarvis, Rebecca1822Edward LaphamMentor1839
5cLapham, David1764Sarah DuncanMentor1818
5cLapham, Edward1817Rebecca JarvisMentor1839
5cLapham, Thomas1787Catherine MegleyMentor1820
5cMegley, Catherine1787Thomas LaphamMentor?
6aAndrews, Frederick1824Julia HydeMentor1836
6aAndrews, Nathaniel M. Jr.1800Matilda DunhamMentor1836
6aHyde, Julia1831Frederick AndrewsMentor1832
6aMatilda Dunham1805Nathaniel M. Andrews Jr.Mentor1836
6bBurheit, Sabrina1803Jacob HooseMentor1822
6bHoose, Cornelius1825Jane Ann UsherMentor1825
6bHoose, Jacob1796Sabrina BureitMentor1822
7Fitch, Clarissa1803John Payne MarkellKirtland1825
7Koch, Elizabethca 1773Peter MarkellKirtland1816
7Markell, John Payne1799Clarissa FitchKirtland1816
7Markell, Peterca 1765Elizabeth KochKirtland1816
8Ward, Elijah Allen1796Lucy Ann CarrollWilloughby1840
9Brooks, Samuel1790-1800Elizabeth FrancisMentor1818
9Francis, Elizabeth1797Samuel BrooksMentor1818
10Bigelow, Hannah1771Josiah HungerfordLeRoy1832
10Hungerford, Josiah1763Hannah BigelowLeRoy1826
11Lee, Clarissa1792Chester O. StockingMadison1816
11Stocking, Chester O.1792Clarissa LeeMadison1816
11Stocking, William Halsey1814Mercy Amelia TalcottMadison1816
12Baker, Scuyler S.1814Lovina HopkinsMentor1839
12Churchill, Ann1804Daniel HopkinsMentor1820
12Churchill, Samuel1778Anna McCarthyMentor1840
12Flint, Phebe1757Benjamin HopkinsMentor1833
12Hopkins, Benjamin1760Phebe FlintMentor1805
12Hopkins, Daniel1790Anna ChurchillMentor1810
12Hopkins, Lovina1823James Monroe BakerMentor1823
13Shearer, Anna1812Luman WheelerMadison1831
13Wheeler, Cynthia T.1833Hawley B. DrakeMadison1833
13Wheeler, Luman1796Anna ShearerMadison1817
14Brooks, David1772Rhoda KnowltonMadison1820
14Brooks, Laura1801Ezra IshamMadison1820
14Isham, Ezra1794Laura BrooksMadison1820
14Isham, Matilda Elvira1820Cullen G. PalmerMadison1820
14Knowlton, Rhoda1782David BrooksMadison1816
14Maltbie, Lois1773Isaac PalmerConcord1812
14Palmer, Cullen G.1812Matilda Elvira IshamConcord1812
14Palmer, Isaac1769Lois MaltbieConcord1820
15Tucker, Elijah B.ca1800Eunice TuttleConcord1830
15Tucker, John1827Martha Jane ChandlerConcord1827
16Ingersoll, Calvin1812Lucinda L. FosterMentor1815
16Ingersoll, Edwin Foster1833Alfreda LovelandMentor1833
17Jacobus, Leah1805Archibald A. MainMadison1838
17Main, Archibald A.1809Leah JacobusMadison1838
18Amidon, Orcelia1819Solomon DensmorePainesville1840
18Densmore, Solomon1808Orcelia AmidonPerry1835
19Ford, Elisha1781Elizabeth VeseyMadison-Perry1816
19Vesey, Benjamin1761Eunice LambPerry1816
19Vrooman, Bartholmew1761Annatje Matteys (Hannah Mattice)Painesville now Concord1815
20Fenner, Anthony1784Bethanna AldrichKirtland1820
20Fenner, Arthur Quincy1837Cathrine Caldinbaugh/KolenbaughWilloughby1837
20Fenner, Lyman J.1805Dorothy PresleyChagrin1829
20Presley, Dorothy1806Lyman J. FennerWilloughby1837