Eddy Burial Ground


Also called Little Mountain Burial Ground, this private burial site is located north of Little Mountain on Doerner property at 7945 Viewmount Road. The current owners do not know exactly where the burials are, but neighbors remember there being two stones there near the creek. In more recent years only one stone was visible, and that is now nowhere to be found.

From Mrs. Howard Anthony’s collection, she noted “North of Little Mountain on the east side of View Mount Road midway between Pinecrest and Page Dr. is (1964) an old dilapedated barn, just north of the barn is the grave of Samuel W. Eddy.”

According to Soldiers and Widows of the American Revolution who lived in Lake County, Ohio and the 1920s DAR Cemetery Inscriptions, a James Eddy located an old stone which had turned green by the 1930s.

Private William R. Eddy served in the Revolutionary War from Hadley, Shutesbury, and Sunderland, Massachusetts. Having died on his farm he was buried on the east side of Kellogg Road, half mile north of Pinecrest Road. There were two sons, Porter and Wally. Wally married Candace Young, daughter of John Young who is brother to Brigham Young.

This 50 acre farm on lot 11 was sold by William’s third wife Philenda to P. Eddy and one half acre was sold to William Mandley in September 1844. The 1874 map shows an R. Eddy still owning 25 acres of the earlier 50 acre property. In 1930, it was noted that the farm containing the grave had belonged to the Dr. Lower estate for at least 20 years. It is now a housing development.

This is on private property with no public easement.

The DAR cemetery inscriptions state that William Eddy died December 14, but other accounts use the 21st date. A gravestone might have read Private William R. Eddy/ Born September 8, 1760 in Ashford, Conn./ Son of Benjamin and Jane LaPierre Eddy/ Died December 21, 1841/ Aged 81 years./ A soldier of the American Revolution.