Gordon Farm Cemetery

Family Cemetery

Luther Jewell arrived in Concord from Massachusetts in 1809 and built a log cabin near Edison (or Ellison) Creek in Concord Township. In 1810 he returned to Massachusetts, married Olive, and returned to Concord with his new wife. He owned 100 acres on both sides of Hermitage Road, but not the area where this burial site remains. Recently, when the Shay family owned the property, the address was 7321 Hermitage Road. This area is now slated for a housing development, but the developers seem to be sensitive to the need to preserve or move this cemetery. In their discovery, they found remnants of four gravestones, although our interpretation is essentially two with a footstone. There may be more. The two stones of the old brownstone type, are very legible but broken in several places, and the pieces had been scattered. There is a small round piece that appears to be a footstone.

The Jewels had eight children, the first of whom was Sally. Their daughter Brooksania married William Gordon, and it was he who bought the property where the cemetery is, although many years after the children had died. The parents, Brooksana and William Gordon, and two other Jewel children are buried in the Mentor Avenue (Nye Road) Cemetery in old Concord, now in Painesville Township.

The cemetery property, Range 8, Township 10, Concord Tract 4, Lot 3 can be traced back as follows:

2000, Property purchased by Eye-Will Development, Inc.
19 July 1950, Frank V. and Dorothy W. Shay, Lake County, Ohio Deed Record Vol. 284, pg 270
?, Don and Grayce Farinacci
2 Apr 1924, John D. Marshall
9 May 1921, James & Julia Michovsky
21 Nov 1913, F.E. Carr Tr.
19 Aug. 1899, Edna L. Gordon Vol. 28, pg 559 (42.25 acres)
?, Living Heirs of William Gordon and his wife Broksannia, that is, William L. (and wife Florence W.) And Luther S. Gordon (1874 map shows Heirs of Wm. Gordon.)
2 Nov 1859, Brooksannia Gordon by will of deceased husband William Gordon
1 Apr 1852, William Gordon Vol. I, pg 370-31 (1857 map shows W. Gordon)
26 Nov 1850, Isaac Carle and his wife Hannah Vol. H, pg 378-379
11 Sept 1850, Albert Morley and his wife Esther Vol. H, pg 291 (82 51/100 + 12 1/2 acres
14 Oct 1848, Thomas Kneal Vol. G, pg 616-617 (45 1/4 acres)
?, Ann Kermode
6 Sept 1828, Thomas and Ann Kermode – Geauga Vol. 12, pg 324 (45 1/4 acres) (1840 Map shows J. Kermode)
8 Mar 1826, Aristarchus Champion Vol. 11, pg 80 (104 137/160 acres)
10 Sept 1798, Henry Champion Vol. 11, pg 80 (104 137/160 acres)
Pre 1798, Connecticut Land Company, Ts., of

The stones were read in April, 2001.


Note: Duplicate stone numbers indicate multiple persons inscribed on the same stone as detailed in the inscription column.

Jewel, Sally111In Memory of/ Sally, daughter of/ Luther &/ Olive Jewel who died Sept./ 13th 1815,/ aged 4 years/ & 3 months.urn filled with long leaves; zig-zag square border around script.[In 1926] stone broken and lying down; head and shoulders brownstone, quite legible in 2001.
Jewel, Whitney112In Memory of/ Whitney, son/ of Luther &/ Olive Jewel,/ who died Jan./ 1825,/ Aged 2 years/ & 2 months. [footstone] W. J.urn filled with long leaves now mostly broken off; wavy border with leaves around script.[In 1926] stone fairly clear- leaning against a tree; Head and shoulders brownstone, head missing , broken in 4 pieces 2001. Perfectly legible. Sm. round footstone, shaped like head of headstone.