Keyes Cemetery


Keyes Cemetery
This burial is located on the property on the southeast corner of Hoose and Mountain Ash. It is behind the house, on a wooded knoll in a bed of myrtle. Three pine trees still marked the graves in 1964 at the first reading. The house had just been built on the property, but apparently did not disturb the graves. This reading was reported by historian, Jack Daniels, who said that there was an additional unmarked grave beside Anson Keyes, from the sunken area there. The property was owned by E. Tucker on the 1840 and 1857 maps, and probably John Tucker in 1874. This is on private property with no apparent easement.

Hoose Diemert Cemetery – Extinct
In early 2001 Donald Diemert recalled running across a few gravestones when playing in the woods on his father’s property on Hoose Road, near, but not on, the Schoenfeld property. His father owned 5 acres two houses from Schoenfeld’s. The stones were far back from the road, and nearly across from Mountain Park Drive. He states that this site is now a housing development.


Note: Duplicate stone numbers indicate multiple persons inscribed on the same stone as detailed in the inscription column.

Keys, Anson111Anson Keys/ Co. A, 182 Ohio Infantryprob. gov't marble shield type
Tucker, Eunice112Eunice Tucker/ mother/ 1796-1866/ age 68
Tucker, Elijah B.113Elijah B. Tucker/ father/ 1784-1870/ age 86