Saint Andrew Columbarium


St. Andrew Epicsopal Church on Little Mountain Road in Kirtland Hills has a columbarium with 52 niches. Some of the death dates predate the installation of the columbarium. Many of the niches are reserved, but only the used ones are noted in the readings below which were done in March of 2000.


Davis, Herbert H. Jr.116Herbert H. Davis, Jr./ 6/23/18-2/22/95
Papp, Joseph Jr.117Joseph Papp, Jr./ 1/3/11-4/19/94
Justice, Linda1111Linda Justice/ 2000plaque not done
Crocker, Ann Barnhart1216Ann Barnhart/ Crocker/ 8/29/1990-2/9/97
Sweet, Carol Hunt1219Carol Hunt Sweet/ 3/28/30-6/21/94
Boettger, Maud S.1221Maud S./ Boettger/ 7/14/22-8/26/94
McCready, Geraldine Irene1222Geraldine/ Irene/ McCready/ 4/23/26-2/4/98
Moretti, Thomas A.1329Thomas A./ Moretti/ 5/6/10-9/4/95
Lytle, Paul Arthur1333Paul Arthur/ Lytle/ 1/9/05-7/23/91
Lytle, Virginia Fleming1334Virginia Fleming/ Lytle/ 12/30/10-12/30/83
Heyworth, Richard H.1439Richard H./ Heyworth/ 5/26/17-10/15/98
Bandi, Dorothy G.1451Dorothy G./ Bandi/ 8/2/52-7/9/99