Lake County Memorial Cemetery

A.K.A. Memorial Park

From Debbie Kinyon and Pat Greene’s book, History of Leroy, second edition, on page 48:

“This cemetery was planned for the north side of Rt. 86 near the Concord Twp. boundary. No one was ever buried there. A scandal involving the family that was supposed to oversee the cemetery’s operation ensued. Someone was to have served time in jail, although the complete story is unknown. Afterwards, plans for Lake County Memorial Cemetery were abandoned.”

In further searching, we found that this cemetery was planned and laid out, but supposedly never used. However there have been rumors of burials there. Darrell Webster, director of the Lake County Planning Commission, which oversees what building is done in the townships, relates that there were, in fact, four burials there. It was required of the developer as a condition of the current condominiums that they disinter and re-inter the four bodies. Additionally, they were to locate all of the lot owners and buy the lots.

The WPA map book of about 1940 said that the 27 acre Memorial Park Cemetery was laid out, but never developed, so not included. They had planned 17 pages for it, and most maps had one or two sections on each.