Ezra Isham Cemetery

(Probably Extinct)

Ezra Isham owned this property, then 140 acres, until his death in 1832 at age 38. His family burial ground was in the south east corner of the property on the east side of Dayton Road in Madison. The current property is 14.17 acres. The burial ground is badly overgrown, being on the other side of a deep ravine with no path to it. The family says there are not many, if any, stones left there, but one had long ago been removed to the house for use a stoop. A piece of a stone or footstone was found with SA, perhaps for Sarah?

The stone is broken at the bottom, but both pieces are there. Stone was photographed 22 May 1998.

This burial ground is on private property with no public access.


Isham, Ezra111Ezra Isham/ Died/ April 10, 1832/ Aged 38 years.Square cornered marble table, bottom cracked off diagonally. See also Fairview B3-12-7
*, Sa*112SASmall piece of stone possibly Sarah?