First Congregational Church Burial Ground

(Probably extinct)

In Lake County Recorder’s Deed Book Vol. R pg 321 and 322 we find a deed of which excerpts are here. From Mary Ann Hubbard, widow of the late John Hubbard to the first Congregational Church of Madison for $1.00, it was to the Trustees of the first congregational church and Society of Madison for the benefit of said church and the advancement of the cause of Religion. It being in Madison Township, No. 12, Range 6, known as being on Tract No. 2 on the lot called the Hubbard lot and is part of the farm called the Hubbard farm, and bounded as follows: Beginning at a stone in the center of the North Ridge Road and runs thence east along the road 3 chains 18 links to Darius Rowland’s lot. Thence north 3 chains 89 links. Thence east along the road 3 chains 18 links. Thence west parallel with the N.R. Road 3 chains 18 links to the center of N.R. Road. Thence south 3 chains 89 links to the place of beginning, the lot called the Meeting house lot. Also one other piece beginning at the southeast corner of Wilbur Parker’s lot and runs east along the NR Road 1 chain 55 links to John E. Bailey’s home. Thence north 3 ― degrees east three chains 35 links. Thence west parallel with the N.R. Road 1 chain 55 links. Thence south parallel with the east line 3 chains 35 links to the place of begining being the burying ground and for a cemetary (sic)for said church and Society. Signed 12 March 1860 from Cleveland.

This cemetery is shown on the 1874 Titus, Simmons & Titus Atlas.