Carpenter Farm Cemetery


The Carpenter Farm Cemetery is clearly marked on the 1874 landowner map. Found in a collection of Mrs. Howard Anthony, she stated that this cemetery was directory across from the Shanowers house where the Newell Pond overflow basin is located. This is immediately east of the east drive into the Great Lakes Mall on Rt. 20. The cemetery is also listed on the 1857 map. More recently is would be at the new book store (2005). On the Ward Lot, in Mentor Township, nearly adjacent to the Mentor Village border, the owner in 1874 was L. H. Carpenter. In 1840 it appears to belong to Benjamin Carpenter.

As noted in the Village council records of 1901, it was voted to remove the bodies in the burial ground on the L.H. Carpenter Cemetery. The bodies were to be moved by descendants of the dead, to other cemeteries. Notices were to be posted, causing one to think this may have been more than just a small family cemetery. Benjamin can be found in Section 8B, and L. H., who did not die until 1905, is in Section 10.

Mrs. Anthony’s inscriptions listed “four stones moved from the old Carpenter Farm this side of Goodhold’s to Mentor Center Cemetery.” There is only one monument at Mentor Cemetery with apparently the identical information from the four stones.


Carpenter, Benj.111[N face] Benj. Carpenter/ born/ at Savoy Mass./ May 18, 1799/ died July 25, 1879./ Carpenter/ [S face] Amanda Eno/ wife of/ Benj. Carpenter/ born Feb. 5, 1801/ died Oct. 9, 1859./ [W face] Sally Hodges/ wife of/ Benj. Carpenter/ born at Savoy Mass./ Apr. 8, 1802/ died Dec. 13, 1850.Stones moved to Mentor Municipal Cemetery.