Daniels Farm Cemetery


This family burial ground was located to the east of the large brick Daniels home on the east property line on the south side of Mentor Avenue in Mentor, nearly in Willoughby. It is said to be where the mobile home park is now. There is also a strip of hedgerow that remains undisturbed for many years. Family members have tried more recently to locate this cemetery to no avail. Current residents are unaware of any signs of a cemetery on the property.

From a collection of Mrs. Howard Anthony, it states, “Those who were buried on this Daniels farm and had head stones were: Aaron Daniels; Phoebe (Harmon) Daniels; Anna (Bassett) Daniels. Phoebe & Anna are both thought to have been wives of Aaron. Geauga Co. marriages list Aaron married Anna 1-28-1817. These 3 remains were reinterred in Nov 1925 on the Albert S. Daniels lot in Mentor Cemetery. Also buried on the farm and probably in unmarked graves were: an Indian who worked on the farm; as well as Rev. War Soldier Christopher Colson. If their bodies were ever moved, is not known. Christopher, born May 10, 1865 in Mass. enlisted as fifer on July 9,1781, age 16. He married twice and came to Chagrin in 1810. (See Rev. War Soldiers buried in Lake Co. p. 18.) Colson was the first Past Master of Chagrin.”

Carolyn Rodesta, ggg granddaughter of Aaron and Phoebe Richardson Daniels states in September 2011 that Phoebe’s maiden name was Richardson. Anna’s maiden name was Harmon and her first husband was named Bassett. Both Phoebe and Anna were wives of Aaron Daniels.

According to Soldiers and Widows of the American Revolution who lived in Lake County, Ohio by Mildred Steed, Christopher Colson “was buried on the Daniel’s farm just east of Willoughby, later removed to the Willoughby Cemetery, Lot 358, Grave 5.

This cemetery is clearly denoted on the 1874 landowner map as a long narrow strip on the

northeast corner of the John Daniels property. This is private property with no public access.