Little Mountain Burials

(Probably extinct)

Although there is very little evidence of the burials at this time, but there are stories about the people buried “on the mountain.” Apparently there is no one burial place, but individual places. It is said that the burial rocks are still there, but the exact location is unknown to us.

Little Mountain is a well known rise, the highest point in Lake County, which is actually large enough to be classified as a mountain. It was a lovely summer home and resort area for the well-to-do in Cleveland and other areas. There were various hotels and spas in the area. From the mountain, a lovely view of Lake Erie, 10 miles north and Cleveland, 25 miles to the west is visible on a clear day. Many lovely summer estates were on the mountain in the 19th century, such as the Baldwin estate, now the Lake County History Center. The area still maintains a rural and estate flavor, while it, too is suburbanizing.


Reynolds, Lucy111Lucy, daughter of John and Eliza Phelps Reynolds, died March 1850, aged 3 monthsno stone found. Was inscribed on a rock.
Reynolds, Amanda112Amanda, daughter of John and Eliza Phelps Reynolds, died May 1850, aged 17 stone found. Was inscribed on a rock.
Moore, Leah Groome211Leah Groome, wife of John Moore III, died 1813no stone. Buried on one of the highest points in Kirtland. Location unknown. Little Mountain?