Wheeler Cemetery


This extinct family cemetery is said to have been on Lakeshore Boulevard closer to SR 306 than the North Mentor Cemetery. It was about 1/4 mile east of Rt. 306 on the north side of the road, west of Eckley’s store. According to Grace Lapham who was 97 when interviewed in 1999, her great grandparents, Mary and Seymour Wheeler were buried “on the plains” on an old farm. The stones were buried. When it was developed, the stones were dug up and broken. They were moved to Mentor Cemetery. These old marble stones have recently been repaired and set in a granite frame. They are badly cracked, but lovely. They are in section 2B. Seymour died in 1844 and Mary in 1848. It is likely that their granddaughter Mary was also buried in this cemetery and her stone moved to Mentor Municipal. Descendants of Mary and Seymour Wheeler still have family reunions.