Cumings Mansion Stones


Although there is no evidence that there is or ever was a cemetery on the property of the old Cumings Mansion, two stones have been found there. In 1978 a doorstep was found to have been a gravestone of Emily Hill. Much later, found during demolition of the old front porch, another stone, or part of a stone, was unearthed. This one has less writing on it, and is in the basement with the other stone now. No new stone has been located for Emily, nor any for her husband Addison or her parents in any local cemetery.

This large white home is at the intersection of State Routes 84 and 86 and Cumings Road in Painesville, commonly known as Five Points. It is on the east side of the intersection, on the west bank of the Grand River. This home was purported to be active on the underground railroad in the 1800s. There are tunnels that run to what are holes in the cliff of the bank of the river. Children playing there when the house was abandoned in the 1970s recall exploring these tunnels.


 Hill, Emily Tracey111Emily Hill/ Wife of Addison Hill/ daughter of Rufus and Sarah Tracey/ Springfield, N.Y./ Died March 6, 1835/ age29 yrs. 9 mos. 16 daysfrom an old news article