Lake County Infirmary Burying Ground


The Lake County Infirmary Cemetery was located on Riverside Drive just north of the Infirmary, now called the County Home. The home was opened in 1852 on the former William Pettingell farm. From the Record of Paupers in Lake County Infirmary Commencing July 22, 1852, the first burial was that of Robert Gordon, aged 64 years, who died August 14th, 1852, “of Dystentary and Buried in the Infirmary Burying Ground.” The Record contains numerous entries for burials over the years.

In March, 1877, the bodies interred in the county infirmary ground were removed to Evergreen Cemetery, where a lot had been purchased for the County. The Painesville Telegraph reported that the old ground, near the infirmary building, “had been used for burial purposes for seven years.”

[Ed. Note] Apparently the “seven years” was a bit inaccurate. The following is abstracted from the transcription of Record of Paupers in Lake County Infirmary Commencing July 22, 1852, Henry C. Haford, Lenox, Ashtabula, Ohio. These were burials in the Infirmary burying ground. There were a few others who were buried in cemeteries.

Pg 57 Aug. 14, 1852 Robert Gordon, aged 64 of Painesville Twp., died & buried.

5-31-1862 John Philips from Painesville Township aged 45 years/ 1882, April 21st Died and was buried in the cemetery Grounds.

May 8, 1863 Betsy Bently died, buried at expense of the county. Pg. 15 states age 63 when entered July 26, 1852, born in America, from Kirtland Township.

Pg 41 Sept. 1, 1853 John Kleber age 28, native of Germany, died of dysentery & buried.

Pg 48 Dec. 27, 1854 James McAlister, AKA James S. Glass, native of Virginia, a transient pauper with large wen on the throat died & buried.

Pg 23, Jany 10, 1864. The child brot to the Infirmary by C.J. Comer – Died & was buried. Age supposed to be five months.

Pg. 27 March 23, 1865 Valentine Perkins died, buried 24th, taken up and taken to Mentor by his brother & sister.

Pg. 15, March 10, 1865, Robert Cannon, born in the Isle of Man, naturalized, aged 47. Died April 24, 1865 and buried at county expense.

Pg. 26, May 10, 1865 Mrs. Tucker died and was buried in the ground belonging to the Infirmary.

Pg 42 Aug. 19, 1865 Nancy Jones died and buried. (Also information re: family)

Pg** Oct. 6, 1865 Edwin an abandoned twin who appeared about 4 weeks old on admission July 13, 1865

Pg 22 Oct. 23, 1865 Elijah Warren, died & buried.

Pg 33 May 11, 1866 Mr. Bassett died & buried.

Pg 58 Apr. 19, 1867 Samuel Willson died and buried.

Pg 59 Mar. 24, 1868 Jesse Freer, age 64 died & buried.

Pg 34 Apr. 16, 1868 Amos Cone died, buried on the 17th.

Pg 34 May 2 1868 Willie Robinson, a colored Boy, eleven years old in Nov. 1867 from Mentor died and buried.

Pg 44 Feby 5, 1869 Cornelia Battles died & buried.

Pg 46 Aug. 2, 1869 Wyatt Wolcott of Mentor, died by hanging self, and buried the 3rd.

Pg 59 Oct. 2, 1870 Old Mr. Wittakar age 75, departed this life and buried. Mar. 23, 1877 he was removed to the Evergreen Semetery.

Pg ** Mar. 1, 1871 Mr. H. Streeter died, age 50

Mrs. Anna Roberts, widow aged 87 years from Madison, departed this life and buried the 17th.

Pg 56 June 26, 1871 Mrs. Hansey Turner of Mentor, died of conjestion of the brain & buried.

Pg 58 Feb. 12, 1875 Mr. Gillman of Concord, born in N.Y., age 73 in March 1872, died. Buried Feb. 16, Mar. 23, 1876 taken up & interred in the Semetery.

Pg 51 Aug. 8, 1875 Albina God, aged 55 or 60 from Perry Twp. died & buried. Mar 23, 1877 taken up & interred in the Semetery.