St. James Columbarium


St. James Episcopal Church on the north west corner of North St. Clair and Phelps Streets in the city of Painesville has long been a religious and architectural cornerstone of the town. With its tall steeple, it is seen for miles around.

In the 1900s it was decided to have a columbarium for the ashes of church members. There are four banks of niches, each four across and six down, with 24 niches each. They are on the back wall of the sanctuary. More will be added as the need arises.

These plaques were read from the left or northern most bank (# 1) to the right (# 4), and each row left to right from top to bottom. The reading was done in November, 1998.


Urban, Marilyn121Marilyn Urban/ 1922-1998
Rich, Matthew A.33Matthew A. Rich/ 1968-1995
Downing, William C., M.D.38William C. Downing, M.D./ 1920-1997
Bernal, Karl B.310Karl B. Bernal/ 1920-1997
Webster, Kathryn313Kathryn Webster/ 1912-1996
Waite, Floyd E.318Floyd E. Waite/ 1917-1998
Hamilton, Mary319Mary Hamilton/ 1902-1994
Herkner, Jocelyn Elizabeth320Jocelyn Elizabeth Herkner/ Oct. 31, 1990
Laity, Weldon321Weldon Laity/ 1903-1993
Smith, David J.43David J. Smith/ 1929-1998
Ott, Arthur D.44Arthur D. Ott/ 1910-1993
Lombard, Eleanor S.412Eleanor S. Lombard/ 1912-1997
Tear, Walter R.415Walter R. Tear/ 1915-1990
Shearer, Geraldine A.417Geraldine A. Shearer/ 1931-1985/ Dedicated to the Glory of God/ and/ In Loving Memory of/ Geraldine Ann ShearerCross & candle
Skoog, David H.420David H. Skoog/ 1935-1998