Third Street Cemetery

Painesville (Fairport Harbor)

According to an article in the August 10, 1934 Telegraph, the first cemetery in Fairport was located behind the Third Street School between High and Eagle Streets. This is where many of the early settlers were buried. The cemetery was abandoned when the building era began and the families died or moved away. Mr. Babb, who was interviewed for the article, said that there were 20 to 30 stones in the cemetery. When building began the stones disappeared. One became a doorstep. An elderly resident of Fairport who lived on the south side of Fourth Street when a boy, recalled that the cemetery was located on the south side of the gully that runs east and west from Vine Street to the river. No information has been found as to what happened to the bones which would have been uncovered when excavation for buildings occurred.

In an article in The Painesville Telegraph April 21, 1852. It states, in part, “The body of the woman found on the beach at Fairport, on the 6th inst., has proved to be that of Mrs. Moore, wife of the captain of the ill-fated Anawan. The body was buried at Fairport.” It is assumed that this would refer to the Third Street Cemetery.