Parmly (Ronke Site) Cemetery


This property was placed on the Ohio Archaeological Inventory in 1994 by the owner, and was titled the “Ronke Site.” The description of the site states, “This site is a Prehistoric site with an intrusive historic cemetery on it. Presently the area is forested and there are no physical signs of the cemetery, but it shows up on the 1857 Lake County atlas as well as the 1874 one. The cemetery was a small family plot owned by the Parmly family. There has been reference made to the cemetery in the Lake County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society paper which states, ‘From the 1874 Atlas (a cemetery) was on (the) south side of U.S. 20 just east of Perry Park Rd. Gone.’ No other reference has been found at this point. We recommend that more research is done to determine if the cemetery has been removed. The artifacts recovered were 4 flint flakes and one piece of Fire Cracked Rock.”

The attached topographic map shows the site as about one fourth of the way from Perry Park Road to Center Road, on the south side of and close to North Ridge Road.

There is a mention in Soldiers and Widows of the American Revolution who lived in Lake County, Ohio by Mildred Steed that Caleb Sweet, Revolutionary War Soldier and Justice of the Peace in Perry was buried in this cemetery. He died 3 March 1828. His remains were moved to the Perry Center Cemetery with no stone, but an SAR maker is there by the vault.

This is on private property with no public access.