Grace Episcopal Church Memorial Garden

(active for cremains)

Grace Episcopal Church has a lovely garden behind the church on Ridge Road in Willoughby. It is a small plot with a park bench and lovely shrubbery. It appears as a semicircle bordered with a wooden fence with islands of mulched areas with mostly flush bronze plaques memorializing those whose ashes are enurned there, scattered or absent. It was first used in 1976. There are some enurned who do not have the bronze plaques, and this list is available at the church. The earliest death date in bronze is that of Verne David Arnold in 1977. There were about 40-45 enurned when read 11 November 1998.

Note: Duplicate stone numbers indicate multiple persons inscribed on the same stone as detailed in the inscription column.

Dodds, Eleanor J.11In memory of/ Eleanor J. Dodds/ 1913 - 1984
Strader, Robert E.12In memory/ Of/ Robert E. Strader/ 1930 - 1983
Nash, Abel H.13In memory of/ Abel H. Nash/ 1899 - 1980
Ady, Robert H.14In loving memory of/ Robert H. Ady/ 1926 - 1991
Weber, Dorothy L15In loving memory of/ Dorothy L. Weber/ 1926 - 1992
Weber, Richard L.16In loving memoy of / Richard L. Weber/ 1925 - 1990
Riddle, Wilbur D.17In memory/ of/ Wilbur D. Riddle/ 1902 - 1980
Miller, Vernon L. Jr.18In memory/ of/ Vernon L. Miller, Jr.
Mracek, Geraldine19In memory/ of/ Geraldine Mracek/ 1929 - 1986
Murray, Helen B.110In memory/ of/ Helen B. Murray/ 1900 - 1989
Murray, Beverly F.111In memory/ of/ Beverly F. Murray/ 1901 - 1980
Tomsich, Michael R.112In loving memory of/ Michael R. Tomsich/ 1968 - 1992
Schott, Milan A.113In loving memory of/ Milan A. Schott/ 1895 - 1981
Schott, Mary114In loving memory of/ Mary Schott
Beaharry, Phyllis S.115In loving memory of/ Phyllis S. Beharry/ 1920 - 1994
Dittman, John C.116In memory/ of/ John C. Dittmann/ 1916 - 1986
Dittman, Lois117In loving memory of/ Lois Dittmann/ 1919 - 1991
Benlein, Joseph R.118In memory of/ Joseph R. Benlein/ 1915 - 1987
Shafer, George S.119In loving memory of/ George S. Shafer/ 1949 - 1991
Arnold, Dorothy B.120In loving memory of/ Dorothy B. Arnold/ 1918 - 1998
Arnold, Verne David121In memory of/ Verne David Arnold/ 1902 - 1977
Rick, Richard R.122In memory of/ Richard R. Rick/ 1916 - 1981
Brodie, Violet B.123In loving memory of/ Violet B. Brodie/ 1896 - 1996DAR flagholder
Brodie, Robert D.124Robert D. Brodie/ 1889 + 1979granite
Walker, Evelyn E.125In loving memory of/ Evelyn E. Walker/ 1913 - 1993
Gee, Helen E.126In memory/ of/ Helen E. Gee/ 1894 - 1983
Hughes, John W.127In loving memory of/ John W. Hughes/ 1917 - 1887
Bukovec, Edward128In memory/ of/ Edward Bukovek/ 1909 - 1985
Mallisk, Charles129In memory of/ Charles Malisk/ 1908 - 1984
Kapes, Ellen130In memory of/ Ellen Kapes/ 1906 - 1983
Aiken, Janet131Janet Aiken/ June 10, 1926 - Sept. 29, 1998plaque ordered
Saunders, Lorna J.132In loving memory of/ Lorna J. Saunders/ 1923 - 1989