Joplin-Law Burial Ground


This now buried cemetery on the north side of Ridge Road in Willoughby is referred to as Joplin-Law, after the two families by those names. It appears that both of them were neighbors, but neither seemed to actually own this property. It is currently on two different properties, on the edge of the cliff overlooking the new nature conservancy. The oldest death date on a stone was that of Allen P. Saxton, son of A. & M. Saxton. Allen died July 9, 1818, and was only 12 when he died. The last burial was Mary Saxton, wife of Aaron Saxton, who died Aug. 26, 1862. She was 72 years old. It is highly likely that not all of the stones were found to be read. This is the first time these stone inscriptions have been published. This cemetery is covered with about a foot of topsoil, and is on private properties with no public access. Stones were read May 1998.

Note: Duplicate stone numbers indicate multiple persons inscribed on the same stone as detailed in the inscription column.

Saxton, Aaron111Aaron Saxton/ Died Apr. 20, 1850/ Aged 61 yrs./ Mary/ His Wife/ Died Aug. 26, 1862/ Aged 72 yrs.
Saxton, Mary111Aaron Saxton/ Died Apr. 20, 1850/ Aged 61 yrs./ Mary/ His Wife/ Died Aug. 26, 1862/ Aged 72 yrs.
Saxton, Allen P.112Allen P./ Son of/ A. & M. Saxton/ Died/ July 9, 1818/ Aged 12 yrs.
Johnson, Hannah113Hannah/ wife of / Wm. W.E. Johnson/ Died/ Apr 2, 1852/ AE. 35 Yrs.
Johnson, Lucy114Lucy/ wife of Wm. Johnson/ Died/ July 17, 1851/ Aged 61 years & 6 mo.triple window background on stone
Brown, Martha115Martha/ Wife of/ Isaac Brown/ Died/ Dec. 29th. 1845/ Aged/ 45 years & 5 mo.
Sprague, Barbary116Barbary/ wife of/ David Sprague/ Died/ April 10, 1855/ AE. 69 yrs.
W., L. A.117L. A. W. C. W. W. side-by-side
W., C. W.117L. A. W. C. W. W. side-by-side
S., O.118O. S.small marble under drain hose
Storm, John I.119John I. Storm/ Died/ July 21, 18[broken off]/ AE. 56 Y. 9M. 13D.
Storm, Maria1110Maria/ Wife of/ John I. Storm/ Died/ March 10, 1850/ AE. 66 Y. 1 M. 22 D.