Lloyd (Silver Street) Cemetery


This extinct cemetery was located on the east side of Silver Street in Wickliffe. There are no city records of it, but the lot is just past the first few houses on the street. One description states it is at the fourth telephone pole from Euclid Avenue, where the road takes a decided decline. The property recently belonged to Dougherty Lumber Company, and was sold to the city of Wickliffe in 1954 (Vol. 354 pg 501). Other parcels connected are found in vol. 361 pg 5 and Vol. 703 pg 82. The house next door is at 1443 Silver St.

Neighbors state that this was a civil war era cemetery. One said it was a large, another a small family plot. The neighbor behind the cemetery recalls that it had a path through the long area which ran through to the next street east. A lot of hearsay was obtained from neighbors including a story about a young long-haired lady who was disinterred, her casket opened, and they found her hair pulled out, bones all over, and wood splinters under her nails. This was the last removal and it went to Lakeview Cemetery. This sounds like a camp ghost story, but may have some grain of truth to it. None of this has been verified, although several neighbors knew of the story.

The street is named after the Silveroli family which owned the house next door. They are supposed to have lots of tales.

In September of 1999 several remnants from this cemetery were found. There is a lot of myrtle in the area. The ground is very unlevel, perhaps because of the disinterments. There was an old base and broken off marble stone in the Hoyt yard next door. A home carved block was found for Jacob 1845 – ? A piece of marble was broken with date of Died Jan. 18, aged 11. There was also a dark, hollow metal lion with round shield and cross with inscription, “Helvetiorum Fidei Ac Virtuti.”