Mosher Farm Cemetery


This family cemetery was located behind the new home at 30012 Ridge Road, just east of East 300th Street in Wickliffe.

The Mosher family homestead is located at 30011 Ridge Road in Wickliffe. The 1840 landowner map shows no road on the ridge at the time, but apparently it did go through, putting the house on one side of the road and the burying ground on the other. The cemetery is very clearly marked on the south side of Ridge Road on the 1874 map.

James and Hannah Mosher came to the ridge in 1832 and settled on a 200 acre farm on the north side of the ridge. By 1874 son John Mosher owned the property including the homestead as well as the cemetery across the street. John lived in the recently refurbished home at 30023 Ridge Road.

In Eleanor Rolfe’s book, Willoughby Schools, the First 100 Years, there is a more detailed description of the family and the burial of the Pridey family. The story was told by Miss Myra Mosher who related the finding of a wagon of bodies one day by 8 year old George Mosher. They were the remains of the Pridey family which was on the SS J.P. Griffith when it burned just offshore in Lake Erie. The bodies washed ashore, and most were unidentifiable as they were recent immigrants and were separated from their belongings. However the Pridey family, known to the Moshers, was identified, and the father did survive. Mr. Mosher, out of pity, offered space in the family cemetery for the burial of the Pridey family bodies. There was an article in the Willoughby newspaper about this in 1925 or 1926.

The stones were read at the cemetery in 1926 by G.P. Rawson. This is the source of the inscriptions listed here.

There is a note by a researcher in Lake County Cemetery Inscriptions: May 17, 1964, M.O. Collicott & B.S. Cooper found this cemetery to be non exhistant [sic] – It was located on the south side of Rt. 84 just east slightly of 300th St. 300th St. used to be called Mosher Rd. Presently a house (number 30012 Ridge Rd.) fronts the site of the cemetery. In the back yard can be seen a definable rectangel [sic] plot marked by pines that was the cemetery. Neighbor reports cem. was obliterated about 1942. Stones were used in paving somewhere in area of 300th St. Also still on the property is the cemetery tool shed.

The oldest stone death date was May 7, 1835, that of Anna C. Boss wife of Clark. The most recent appears to be of Mary Lamoureaux September 21, 1892.

According to the Lake County Historical Society a number of years ago, most of the remains were removed and reinterred in locations chosen by their families.

Addendum 28 Dec 2014: Reader contributed information: “the partially illegible name next to Anna C. Boss [nee: Bailey, first md. name Huston] is no doubt her daughter Priscilla S. Huston by previous marriage to Varnum Huston. The date matches.”

Addendum, 25 July 2017: A letter was discovered in The (Ohio Genealogical Society) Report, Vol. XI, No. 4, Winter 1971, pp. 154-58, submitted by Miss Mary E White. The letter was dated July 23rd 1850 from Deer Field, written by Henry Priday. It details the trip his extended family took on their way to Cleveland including their voyage on the Steam Ship Griffith and its disaster on 17 June 1850. He sent Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hooper to Cleveland to be buried with the ship captain and his wife. A kind stranger about three miles from the site appeared and offered to bury his family free of charge at their place. His daughter Kate Priday was buried along with Lydia and Albert Humpidge. Later Henry’s wife Elizabeth (Hooper) Priday was found and buried with them.

Note: Duplicate stone numbers indicate multiple persons inscribed on the same stone as detailed in the inscription column.

Lamoreaux, E. W.111E. W. Lamoreaux, died May 25, 1880, age 32 years/ Mary, his wife, died Sep 21, 1892, age 46 yrs.stone fallen from base and on ground
Lamoreaux, Mary111E. W. Lamoreaux, died May 25, 1880, age 32 years/ Mary, his wife, died Sep 21, 1892, age 46 yrs.stone fallen from base and on ground
Mosher, Levi112Levi Mosher, 1804 - 1886
Mosher, Sylvia113Sylvia Mosher, 1804 - 1886
Mosher, Laura A.114Laura A., dau of W. & E.A. Mosher, died Nov. 21, 1838, age 8 yrs, 6 m, 1 d
Mosher, Amelia E.115Amelia E., dau [of W. & E.A. Mosher, died Sep. 13, 1857, age 9 yrs, 2 m
Mosher, Henry116Henry Mosher, died Mar. 6, 1854, in is 34th yr.
Mosher, Lige117Lige
Mosher, James118James Mosher, died May 27, 1865, age 85 yrs.
Mosher, Hannah119Hannah, wife of James Mosher, died Jan. 11, 1858, ae 76 yrs, 10 m.
Strobridge, Lucinda1110Sacred tothe memory of Lucinda, wife of R.H. Strobridge who died June 15, 1838, age 29 yrs.old dark stone [brownstone]
Boss, Anna C.1111Sacred to the memory of Anna C., wife of Clark Boss who died May 7, 1835, age 60 yrs.willowlovely old stone [brownstone]
*ston, Priscilla S.1112Priscilla S., dau of ____ ____ston, died May 18, 1844, age 38 yrs.
Mosher, Hannah1113Hannah, dau of J. & A. Mosher, died Apr. 1, 1854, ae 10 m.stone leaning against a tree
King, Matilda1114Matilda, wife of J. S. King, died July 14, 1860, ae 48 yrs.stone leaning against a tree
Mosher, Albert1115Albert Mosher, died Feb. 9, 1854, age 5 mo.leaning against same tree
Mosher, Mary1116Mary Mosher, died Jan. 12, 1840, ae 20 yrs./ Charles Mosher, died Oct. 5, 1844, age 26double stone
Mosher, Charles1116Mary Mosher, died Jan. 12, 1840, ae 20 yrs./ Charles Mosher, died Oct. 5, 1844, age 26double stone
Mosher, Garrett W.1117Garrett W. Mosher, died Apr. 8, 1852, ae 29 yrs, 10 m.
Mosher, James B.1118Our Son, James B. Mosher son of G.W. & S. Mosher, died Jan. 3, 1852, age 1 y.
Winslow, Joshua1119Joshua Winslow, born Dec. 8, 1805, died Dec.31, 1866 [footstone] Father
Winslow, Lucy1120Lucy, wife of Joshua Winslow, born July 15, 1808, died Feb. 3, 1893 [footstone] Mother
Winslow, Henry Whaples1121Henry Whaples, son of Joshua and Lucy Winslow, born Mar, 13, 1834, died Apr. 20, 1853. [footstone] Henry