S.E. Roberts Cemetery


There is nothing left of this small burial ground at the corner of Roberts and Erie Roads in Eastlake. Described by Mr. Frank Cendol who was in the area for many years and helped construct the new houses on the property, the sole stone standing a few years ago was removed when the houses were being built. No one seems to know where the stone went or who removed it. It was approximately half way between the old house on the hill and the stop sign on the south west corner of the intersection. He estimates that it is in the front and slightly left of the house currently at 720 Erie Road. It was very close to the road, and since the road has been widened, probably about where the sidewalk is now.

In addition, Eastlake lost its first police officer in the line of duty at about this same site. There was a granite memorial stone there for William Gray. The stone has been moved to Eastlake City Hall according to a neighbor.