Willoughby United Methodist Church Columbarium

(active for cremains)

To the south of the sanctuary building on Prospect Street in Willoughby is a small columbarium. Niches may be reserved by church members for cremains only or memorials of those buried elsewhere. It is three banks of brick wall about four feet high surrounding a small grassy garden with sandstone walk and a park bench. A locked wrought iron gate protects the interior. This open-air above-ground memorial was designed by architect William Behnke, a fifty year member of the church. The plans were completed in 2000 and went before the congregation and the Willoughby Planning Commission for approval. According to East Ohio Today, the East Ohio Conference United Methodist Church newsletter of 6 Feb 2000, each is able to hold up to two urns. The East OhioToday issue of November 2001 states that the first phase of 96 niches was opened, and another 150 are planned. Each has a fine grained granite face, although bronze plates were planned.

Niche owners and church office personnel have keys to the gate.

Smith, Oliver L.SE11Oliver L. Smith/ April 8, 1928 April 23, 2000
Robb, Frank B.SW11Frank B. Robb/ May 10, 1913 Jan. 23, 2001
Richardson, Joseph R.W11Joseph R. Richardson/ July 9, 1917 June 20, 2000
Winters, Harry E.W21Harry E. Winters/ May 24, 1918 Dec. 8, 1998
Behnke, Ginger E.W22Ginger E. Behnke/ Feb. 2, 1926 June 10, 2001