In Memory Of …

When a Society member dies, LCGS donates a resource to Morley Library in his or her memory. A book plate is placed in the item listing the name of the memorialized deceased and the Society as donor.

This is a listing of deceased Society members and the research materials donated by the Society.

NameDeath YearBook or Microfilm TitleCall Number
Alden, A. Richard2005Dictionary of English Welsh Surnames929.4 Ba
Anthony, Elnor1991Taunton Vital Records Vol. 1974.4 Vi
Ash, Oscar "John"2015Where the River Burned977.132 ST
Barnes, Jennie "Jean," OGS Trustee2015Donation made to Ohio Genealogical Society
Belden, Edith Bosworth2006Lake County Naturalization Records; Vol. 1 to 5 1907 to 1925Microfilm 2 Rolls
Binnig, Mary1980Ship Passenger Lists-National and New England929.3 Bo
Blackmur, Berta-Mae2008Pierce's Register Seventeenth Report of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution973.34 Un
Blaser, Barbara2000Lake Co. Naturalization Records Intentions and PetitionsMicrofilm Roll #6
Boettger, Maude1998Genealogical Guide to Tracing Ancestors in Germany943 Pa
Brakeman FamilyLodowick Brakeman Family in America929.2 Bra
Brodie, Violet1996Vermont Warnings Out; Vol. I: Northern Vermont974.3 Ro
Brunson, Evelyn R.2009The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England 1634 - 1635 Vol. I A to B974 An
Calandra, Clare2013The Family Tree Guidebook to Europe940 Do .
Cleckner, Jack2016New York Family History by NYG&B;.
Collins, William20021850 Schedule of Agriculture; Knox-Lorain County, OhioMicrofilm T1159 Roll #6
Davis, Sheila2002World War I Selective Service Draft Registration Cards Lake CountyMicrofilm Roll #s 1 & 2
Engle, Louise1995German Genealogical Research943 Sc
Evans, Sara Hunt2009Willoughby News-Herald January 3, 1961 to February 28, 1961Microfilm
Fairchild, Donald Burgess2007Kentucky pension roll of 1835: Report from the Secretary of War, in obedience to resolutions of the Senate of the 5th and 30th of June, 1834, and the 3d of March, 1835 in relation to the pension establishment of the United States.976.9 Ke
Gilmore, Eugene1995Vital Records of Swansea, Mass. To 1850974.485 Ro
Gimbut, Jean Haskins2001American Women26.304
Gimbut, Jean Haskins2001Mayflower Families Vol. X - XIV974.482 Ma
Griswold, Glenadore1981History of Ancient Woodbury, Connecticut974.61 Co
Hadden, Ella1983Old Times in Old Monmouth974.946 Sa
Heikkinen, Arthur1994Swedish Genealogical Dictionary948.5 Pl
Heikkinen, Vivian L. Gustafson2011Fairport Beacon Newspaper 8 Oct 1938-27 Dec 1940Microfilm
Hill, Mary1997Vermont Warnings Out Vol. II Southern Vermont974.3 Ro
Hill, Mary1997Vermont Families in 1791 Vol. 1974.3 Ve
Hopp, Maxine1998The Center, A Guide to Genealogical Research in the National Capital Area929.3 Sc
Housley, Ruth1992The Complete Book of Emigrants 1751 - 1776929.3 Co
Johnson, Nancy L.2015Virginia's American Revolution from Dominion to Republic975.503 GU
Kasari, Helen L.2013to be determinedtbd
Keefer, H. Glenn1990Westmoreland County in the American Revolution974.881 My
Keefer, Margaret1986Abstracts from Franklin's "Pennsylvania Gazette," 1728 - 1848974.8 Sc
Klee, Edith1974DAR Lineage Book Vol.1 Re-bound for the Genealogy Collection of Morley Library
Kucera, Henry (Hank)2000Defective, Dependent, & Delinquent Classes, Hardin - Lake Counties, Ohiomicrofilm T1159 Roll #100
Kucera, Janet A. Wilk2014Genealogical Resources of the Civil War Era973.74 Do
LaMuth, Ione1982Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families Vol. I A - He974.8 Ge
Lapham, Margaret1980Mayflower Ancestral Index, Vol. 1974.48 Te
Larkins, Holly1995History of Easthampton974.423 Ly
Lawrence, Arlene McMillion2008Fairport Beacon Newspaper 7 Oct 1938-27 Dec 1940Microfilm
Limbert, Dale2007Our Ancestors of Cuyahoga County, Vol. 1, Sherida K. Eddelmon and Patricia P. Nelson977.131Ed
Lombardy, Eva1974DAR Lineage Book Vol. II Re-bound for the Genealogy Collection of Morley Library
Loomis, Dana1996History of Scituate, Massachusetts from Its First Settlement to 1831974.482. De
Lowery, Howard1992The New Loyalist Index973.314 Bu
Moizuk, Ruth1997Early Families of Wallingford, Connecticut974.67 Da
Mollyneux, Betty1999Lake Co. Naturalization Records, Petitions 1935 - 1940,Microfilm Roll #7
Moore, Thelma J. Handel2004Lake Co. Naturalization Records Petitions 1943 - 1956, 1956 - 1975Microfilm Roll #s 9, 10
Morgan, Ronald J., Sr2010Index to Official Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War with Spain 1898 - 1899973.89 Of
Murphy, Clara20031850 Products of Industry Jefferson - Wood Co. OhioMicrofilm T1159 Roll #13
Myers, Thelma1978Founders of Early American Families929.3 Or
Norton, Patricia20031870 Products of Agriculture Knox - Licking Co. OhioMicrofilm T1159 Roll #39
O'Leary, Bernard2011Lake County Tribune Newspaper 1 Oct 2010-24 Jun 2011Mircrofilm
Palmer, Shirley2015NGS Research in the States Series -- Missouri977.8 FL
Pohto, Merton20021850 Mortality Schedule Hamilton - Marion Co. OhioMicrofilm T1159 Roll #14
Pool, Alma Grace20021930 Census ED Descriptions Adams to Cuy. &Dark; to Lorraine; Lucas to Wyandot Co. OhioMicrofilm Roll #s 81, 82
Price, Wayne2013Genealogy Standards - 50th Anniversary Edition929.1 GE
Reed, Virginia1999Ohio Towns and Townships to 1900977.1 Or
Reider, Nancy2014New York in the American Revolution: DAR 2012974.7 Gr
Richardson, Delores2011Rhode Island in the American Revolution: A Source Guide for Genealogists and Historians974.5 Gr
Rhinehart, Donald E.2005Trumbull County Ohio Death Records 1867 - 1908 & Other Misc. Death Records977.138 Tr
Rhinehart, Ruth Frantz1999Artists in Ohio 1787 - 1900, which she helped research709.771 Ha
Rhoads, Geraldine1998American Place Names of Long Ago917.3 Am
Richardson, Dolores2011Rhode Island in the American Revolution974.5 Gr
Roath, Betty19861920 Census Schedules Lake - Knox Co. OhioMicrofilm T625_1403
Rosa, Mary1997Lake Co. Naturalization Records Petitions 1928 - 1929Microfilm #5
Rust, Amy1983DAR Library Catalog016.929 Da
Ryan, Richard G.2012Mastering Genealogical Proof929.1 Jo
Samples, Russell20001860 Products of Agriculture Jackson - Licking Co. OhioMicrofilm T1159 #22
Scibona, Rosario1998Lake County Naturalization Records Petitions 1940 - 1943Microfilm Reel 8
Sheffer, Jo1982Genealogical and Personal History Of Bucks County Pennsylvania974.821 Da
Simmons, Charles1983First Settlers of Passaic Valley974.93 Li
Sindy, Clarence F.2013Mastering Genealogical Proof929.1 Jo, Circulating
Slack, Frances20021860 Mortality Schedule Jackson - Wyandot, OhioMicrofilm T1159 #30
Slack, William1980Genealogical Periodical Annual Index051 Ge
Smith, Evelyn M. Fry2010Roses to Retail: Growing Up with Mentor by Barbara Snell Davis977.1334 Da
Steed, Mildred1988Pioneer Ohio Newspapers 1802 - 1818977.1 Gr
Steed, Mildred1988English Origins of New England Families974 En
Steve, Patricia1992History of New London County, Connecticut, Vol 1974.65 Hu
Thomas, Francesca 1985Only One Cummington974.423 Fo
Thomas, Francesca 1985The Vital Records of Cummington, Massachusetts 1762 - 1900974.423 St
Towne, Jeanette & Ernest1986Ashtabula County History Then and Now, to which Jeanette contributed977.134 As
Tromp, Madeline1990Mayflower Families Vol. IV974.482 Ma
Tyler, Clarence1991Some Connecticut Nutmeggers who Migrated974.6 Kn
Valocchi, Helen2012On Your Own : How to Design and Construct a Family History Book to Inform and Captivate Readerstbd
Warner, John L1986Pioneers of Massachusetts974.4 Po
Warren, Harold F1999Trumbull County Ohio Marriage Record Index 1800 - 1900977.138 Tr
Whipple, Marion19801860 Census Population Schedule part of AshtabulaMicrofilm M653-932
White, Lelia1983Landholders of Northeastern New York 1739 - 1802974.75 Bo
Winkler, Harry1988Lake County Probate Court Administration Docket Vol. A & BMicrofilm
Wright, David20021880 Products of Agriculture Lake & Lawrence Co. OhioMicrofilm T-2259 #70
Green, Linda (Sprague)2018South Carolina in the American Revolution: DAR Source Guide Series
975.7 Gr
Leufkins, Josephine (Jazbec)
2018Mass. & Maine in the American Revolution: DAR Source Guide Series
974.4 Gr
Loomis, Julianne K. (Kline)
2015Virginia in the American Revolution: DAR Source Guide Series
975.5 Gr
Turo, Nancy
2019North Carolina in the American Revolution: DAR Source Guide Series
975.6 Gr
Karr, Donald L.
Meehan, Ann
Ruggeri, Lillian F (Chitle)
Day, Robert A. II